NOAA Research Photo Contest!!!

NOAA Research’s Communications Team is sponsoring a photography contest for the public, along with employees NOAA-wide, to explore their scientific and natural world through their camera lens. Rules and regulations and registration can be found here. Submissions due by September 13.photoContestImage_facebookCoverPhoto

Photos can be submitted for the following categories:

Science in Action
Images that depict researchers doing what they do: collecting data, creating models, collaborating nationally and internationally, directing field experiments, working in labs, using instruments, or demonstrating the processes for conducting science around the world. Examples might be a balloon launch at the South Pole; a laser in operation in a lab; a submersible nose-to-nose with an ocean inhabitant; an instrument on the deck of a ship; a UAS in flight.

Weather in Action
Images of storms and precipitation events, such as hurricanes, snow storms, tornados, and lightning.

Sea Life in Action
Images of marine or aquatic life in their natural environment. Examples could include fish, dolphins, penguins, crustaceans, and many more.

Snowscapes, seascapes and landscapes. Images from Arctic or Antarctic expeditions, mountains, glaciers, coral reef formations, hydrothermal vents, ship wrecks, open water, trenches and ridges, kelp forests, etc.

In the iMoment
Sometimes amazing things can happen in the field, and all you have is your camera-phone to capture it! Images fitting into any of the aforementioned categories, but taken with a camera phone, can be submitted here.

Professional submission
Photos entered in this category have been taken by professional photographers, that is, anyone who receives remuneration for taking photographs. Professional entry subjects may be any of the above topics.

Multiple photos may be submitted. The submission deadline is September 13. Public voting will be available through the NOAA Research Facebook page from September 16-27. Winners will be announced October 1. There are no monetary awards. Register here.


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